Dr. Isaías Rivera Rodríguez :: Jurídica Especialistas de Occidente

Dr. Isaías Rivera Rodríguez.

Dr. Isaias R.R graduated with honours in law from the Universidad de Guadalajara and has a PhD in Law at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Graduate student from the Centre of Latin American Economical and labour studies in the state of Israel with a diploma in Agricultural Cooperativism. He also obtained a diploma in Public policy in the Agricultural sector and Rural Development at the National Public Administration Institute.

He has held the position as the reviewing officer at Jalisco's state Mixed Agrarian Commission and has been the procurator in agricultural issues at the same institute. Vice president at the state government's Agrarian Affairs Department; and has been the coordinator of the Land Registration and Regulation National Programme. Dr. Isaias R.R worked with the Agrarian Reform department's management team in the department of Agrarian and General Legal Rights. Agrarian Attorney of the Republic (2002/2006)

Dr Isais R.R has held many conferences and published different studies in the subject of agriculture. Agrarian Law professor at the Universidad Panamericana; and other national and foreign higher education institutions. He is the author of "El Nuevo Derecho Agrario Mexicano" (The New Mexican Agrarian Right") edited by Mc Graw Hill Interamericana, as well as the book "Derecho Agrario Integral" (Integrated Agricultural Right) edited by Porrua. Dr. Isais R.R is also the co author of the book "El Derecho desde sus Disciplinas" (the Law and its fields of action) which also deals with the agrarian issue, and has been edited by Porrua.

Lic. Carlos Grimaldo Chávez :: Jurídica Especialistas de Occidente

Lic. Carlos Grimaldo Chávez.

The lawyer Carlos Grimaldo Chavez graduated in law from the Universidad Enrique Diaz de Leon, an institute incorporated to the Universidad de Guadalajara(1998/2003). He specialized in obligations and contract law at the Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara. He also holds a diploma in Constitutional Procedural Law given by the Nation's Supreme Court of Justice.

He was an agricultural lawyer at the Agrarian department attached to the Residencia de Guadalajara located in Jalisco. He has been the juridical and sub delegate at the National Land Registration Office. He has held the position of coordinator for the federal program PROCEDE at the Agrarian Office in Jalisco (2003-2004). From 2004 to 2006 he was the Area director assigned to the parcelling of rural property's general management; with special committees in the states of Jalisco, Oaxaca and in Mexico City (2004-2006).

Mr. Grimaldo Chavez has held conferences in the matter of Agrarian Law at the Centro Universitario de la Costa Sur de la Universidad de Guadalajara and at the Colegios y Asociaciones de Abogados de Mexico A.C confederation. He participated as a representative at the 5th Agrarian Right International Congress, at Habana, Cuba.

Lic. Ana Elena Hernández Núñez :: Jurídica Especialistas de Occidente

Lic. Ana Elena Hernández Núñez.

Graduated with honours from law at the Universidad de Guadalajara; and obtained the "Mariano Otero" award (1993 - 1997). Holds a diploma in Injunction and Land law from the Instituto de Interpretación Jurídica (Institute of Juridical Interpretation), and a diploma in Constitutional procedural law from the Universidad de Guadalajara and the Supreme Court of Justice. She is studying a postgraduate degree in Constitutional Law and Amparo at the Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara.

She has been in charge of visiting the "ejidos" on a regular basis at the Agrarian Procurator's Office in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco(1998-1999), lawyer specialized in Land Law at Jalisco's Delegation (1999-2003), Head of the Operational Department (2003-2005), Deputy representative ( in 2005) finally legal Subdelegate at the Agrarian Procurator's office (2005 a 2010), at Jalisco's Agrarian Procurator's office.

She participated in the "Third conference Cicle" on Ecological Law, organized by the Universidad de Guadalajara; and in the training course for applicants to Visitors and Agrarian Lawyers. She took the course in "Updates in Agrarian Subjects" she also attended the seminar "Strategies to capitalize the Mexican Fields, organized by the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente and the Agrarian Higher Court.